Class 1 2013

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First you had to guess what a set of 16 words meant in the context of the teacher's life- She then gave you the information in first person.

I started to teach in 1989

I will be 43 in April

I got married in December 1993

I have a single daughter

I was born in Uruguay

I went to the USA in 2011

Before I had visited Argentina,Paraguay and Brazil

I went to Argentina twice

I quitted smoking when I was 28 years old

I can bake wonderful pizza

I bought a ford fiesta last year
You were asked to produce the information in the 3rd person singular and to find a proper, logical order for the statements to become a composition:

I She started to teach in 1989


I She will be 43 in April


I She got married in December 1993


I She have  has a single daughter


I She was born in Uruguay


I She went to the USA in 2011


Before I She had visited Argentina,Paraguay and Brazil


I She went to Argentina twice


I She quitted smoking when I was 28 years old


I She can bake wonderful pizza


I She bought a ford fiesta last year



She was born in Uruguay. She will be 43 in April. She started to teach in 1989. She got married in December 1993. She has a single daughter. She went to the USA in 2011. She had visited Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil. She went to Argentina twice. She can bake wonderful pizza. She quitted smoking when I was 28 years old. She bought a ford fiesta last year.

Please fill in the following student's file

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Liceo Nº1 de  Atlántida
Year      3                                                                 Generation 2013

Full name






Telephone number





Number of children


Working experience



ICT studies



English studies



Last course attended



Certificates-(Specify name and year)

General Interests


Where and when do you listen to spoken English?


How often do you read in English?


What do you usually read? (Specify)


First hand experiences involving English



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Dear students

Welcome to the class blog 2013

Gabriela Gaione

Sailing across the Atlantic-job interview

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Liceo Nº1 de Atlántida – Fill in the interview-The Right Person for A Job?


Annabel: Hello, nice to meet you. I'm Annabel Thompson. Mr Hugh's assistant. Now, come and sit down. So can you tell me a bit about yourself?



Annabel:Yes, of course, good idea. See the world while you're young. Er, by the way, you are over 18, aren't you?




Annabel:Fine. So, what sort of jobs have you had?




Annabel: Really?




Annabel:How interesting!




Annabel: Italy, I love Italy. So you can speak Italian then?





Annabel: That's useful and what are you doing at the moment?




Annabel: Oh yes, I know. So you've been to Norway and Sweden then?




Annabel:Well, you've obviously travelled a lot, haven't you? Now what about sailing?




Annabel:And what about bad weather? Are you used to sailing in bad weather?




Annabel:Well that's a big advantage. Super.And have you ever done this trip before, to the States, I mean?




Annabel:Did you?. It's wonderful, isn't it?. Going across the Atlantic, I mean, it's so exciting




Annabel:So you've already sailed across the Atlantic. That sounds marvellous.You're just the sort of person we are looking for.I'll make an appointment for you to see Mr Hugh next week. Would Tuesday morning be all right for you?









Why Sports?

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People play and watch sport all over the World. It’s a good International link- a way to find friends in other countries. We explore the International face of sport here

Become a Sports expert. Good luck!


Sport- To do or to watch? Some people play a sport. Others prefer to watch it. What are their reasons?


A-    Way of life

I live near the sea so swimming is part of my life!

I meet my friends on the beach and we have fun.

There are exciting sports like surfing too.


B-     Excitement

Soccer’s my favourite sport. It’s really exciting. It’s really exciting. It’s good to play and it’s good to watch. I always want my team to win. In fact I identify with my team. When they win, I’m really happy. But when they lose, I’m in a bad mood all day!


C-    Travel

Sports people travel a lot. Players go to other cities to compete. Sometimes they go to other countries. Today spectators travel too. There are matches and competitions everywhere. Some people take their holidays to watch sport; the World Cup, the Olympics. Sport is international.


D-    Health

I play tennis. You feel great. You run and jump, and you’re in the fresh air. I always want to win! I watch tennis on TV too, it’s exciting. I love the Wimbledon championships. Every year, I have a favourite player. It’s a good game for men and women.


E-New Skills

It’s exciting to learn a new skill. At first , you can’t do something and then, one day you can do it! Success is good for people. It makes them feel self confident.


F-TV Addict

I love to watch sport- on TV! It’s all there- skiing, hang gliding, horse jumping, and lots more. I can’t see these things in my town, but I can watch them at home. I can dream and perhaps one day…



Adapted from Susan Holden's Topics- Teacher's book-Macmillan 2006- p151